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Sun Aug 23, 2009, 9:24 AM

I stopped taking commissions a couple of years ago now, for both art and plushies.
It wasn't that I liked the extra income, so much that once our company really took off my time/ energy went into another type of art - outfit design and sewing.

That too started with commissions, and eventually led to a more steady workload-- until I realized that most everything  I loved to do for the sheer enjoyment of it was now a paid endeavour.

I hated it.

Again, not so much publishing things ( yay portfolio!) or making someone happy with my rendition of a characted, but it killed me that I no longer did it simply for the love and delight of it.

I've written for numerous publications over the years ( non-fiction work); last year  I stopped, because I realized my novel WIP had STAYED a WIP  for several years as I instead churned out book reviews, interviews and opinion pieces.  I wanted my muse and my headspace back, and finally, after several months Winterborn is in the last few chapters.

Mine. My baby, wholly  for the joy of it -- the NEED of it. Characters sometimes just demand of their creators to let them out properly into the world, and it was high time for mine to at least have  a completed tale to live in.

Now I'm happy to say I've found another rather fun outlet for my creativity - quilting!

... yes, you heard me right.

I won't be posting them up on DA as... well, they're less than perfect and to be honest  I delight on how personal they are. How selfishly made for me and mine, and not for show or sale. :)

I know so many of us are stressed these days with bills, and things to handle - deadlines, stresses, possibilities.

I'm trying not to forget the joy of simple creation, now and the sanity it brings me. :)


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Gold-Seven Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
That sounds like a very healthy direction you're taking! Good luck. With all of your babies. Big or small. ;)
taeliac Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
:hug: I've realized the same things! Once it becomes "work", it can loose it's fun~

And, quilting is awesome! And keeping it for yourself is awesome, too :D
gg-al Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
bukephalas Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2009
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August 23, 2009